Possibility to Utilize Joint Arrangement On Fisheries Between Indonesia and Vietnam On Disputed Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) In The North Natuna Sea

Indonesia has sea boundaries with Vietnam and they are still in dispute over the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the North Natuna Sea. Incidents between both maritime agencies along with both fishers frequently occur in the disputed area. The two governments have already talked to reach delimitation agreement. However, such efforts are never been easy. To avoid future incidents, the two countries need to negotiate and achieve provisional arrangement to jointly manage, exploit and conserve the overlapping EEZ that are rich in fish resources. This article is written to urge government to propose provisional arrangement to Vietnam. Through juridical normative methods based on the international and national rules as well as comparative practices, provisional arrangement is possible to be made. The government is urged to set detailed arrangement that can have a positive impact on fishers and the country’s economy together with the conservation of natural resources in the area concerned.