Understanding Law and Policy Advocacy: To Create Effective Government Relations Strategy

Mari bergabung dalam pelatihan online bertema “Understanding Law and Policy Advocacy: To Create Effective Government Relations Strategy”.

Pelatihan ini dibagi dalam dua kategori, yaitu Basic dan Advance. Untuk mengikuti pelatihan kategori Advance, peserta harus mengikuti pelatihan kategori Basic terlebih dahulu.


Selama pelatihan materi yang dipelajari adalah:



1. Policy Making in Indonesia
This session discusses the meaning of policy in the Indonesian context and how policies are made in Indonesia. This session is the foundational step in the training, helping participants to then plan their advocacy strategically.
2. Phases of Public Policy Advocacy
Advocacy is a series of activities consisting of several phases. An understanding of the public policy advocacy phases will support the effective implementation, based on goals and existing resources.
3. Identify Strategic Issues in Advocacy
Identifying strategic issues is an important phase discussed in this session, because picking issues to advocate is not just cherry-picking cherries from the farm. There are tools and methods to help us in identifying the right issues to achieve the goals of advocacy.
4. Strategizing an Advocacy
This session discusses various steps and phases of an advocacy, that lead to a selected goal. Participants will learn about strategizing an advocacy plan as well as implementation that could influence policy making processes.



1. Strategic Advocacy in Indonesia Law Making Process
This session discusses various options, approaches, and possible strategies to conduct advocacy in the lawmaking process.
2. Presenting advocacy messages
The strength of advocacy is not only determined by the quality of the messages, but also how we deliver the messages. This session discusses the techniques of presenting advocacy messages using various means and media.
3. Lobbying
Lobbying would not create negative perception when conducted appropriately and ethically for the purpose of policy making. In this session, led by the trainer, participants discuss how to perform lobbying appropriately, in ways that will effectively contribute to a successful policy advocacy.
4. Strategic Litigation
This session discusses possibilities of using court and other legal forums in policy advocacy in the Indonesian context. Participants will learn about when, how, and which forums to use strategically in order to reach the goal of policy advocacy.


Basic: 20-21 November 2020

Advance: 27-28 November 2020

Jumat 17.00 – 21.00 WIB

Sabtu 09.00 – 12.00 WIB


Investasi: IDR 1.100.00/pelatihan

Paket Bundling (Basic & Advance): Rp. 1.900.000/pax

Pendaftaran: bit.ly/jentera-govrel

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